Name of Book No. of Books Publishers
Fitter Theory 15 Royal Publication
Fitter Practical 20 Technical Publisher
Fitter Practical 15 Neelkanth Publisher (Satish dahiya)
Fitter Engineering Drawing 25 Technical Publisher( S Krishna)
Electrician Engineering Drawing 26 Neetkanth Publisher
Fitter Theory 15 Arihant Prakashan
Electrician & Electronics Engineering drawing 10 Arihant prakashan (Devendra kumar)
Fitter Theory 15 S. S Sharma, Satish Chuahan(Neelksnth Publisher)
Electrician Theory 20 Arihant Publication
Electrician Workshop Calculation 50 A KUMAR(ARIHANT PUBLICATION)
Refrigenration & air cond. theory 20 Neelkanth Publisher (Amit kumar)
Electronic Machanic Theory 10 Artihant Prakashan
RAC Practical 20 Neelkanth Publisher